Workshop Assessment

We can work out the right assessment questions here. Please add your edits and suggestions.

Section A: meeting the objectives

(Likert scale)

5 - strongly agree
4 - agree
3 - neutral
2 - disagree
1 - strongly disagree

To what extent did the workshop help you:
  1. develop a shared language for talking about communities of practice

  1. develop a shared language for talking about social media

  1. create a collective learning agenda a plan for going forward

  1. find inspiration and support for common challenges and opportunities

  1. take a leadership role and reflect on what it means in the context of your practice

Section B: commitment to practice

(open ended)
  1. What is one thing you intend to do differently in your own practice given what you have learned at this workshop?

Section C: workshop presentation and activities

(open ended)
  1. What specifically did you like about this workshop?
  2. What more could you have done to make this a better learning experience?
  3. What changes would you suggest for future workshops of this type?