Start-up and launch

Overall Activities

Carry out some initial conversations with potential members, leaders and support team as well as a review of activities to date.
Launch setup
Help select members, craft invitation to the community, advise on venue and speakers.
Technology and social media strategy
Review of existing tools in the current technology infrastructure, joint exploration of further needs with support team and possible IT groups, and strategic thinking about the use and practices of social media for community learning.
Involvement of leaders in preparation
Design workgroups and conduct preliminary conference calls with community and workgroup leaders.
Launch design
Prepare an agenda and workshop description, distribute responsibilities, arrange room setup, materials, and logistics.
Launch workshop
Lead and co-facilitate a two-day onsite launch workshop, including introduction of key concepts and community launch activities.
Conduct reflection, debrief, and next steps with leaders and support team.
Produce a written report on reflections and recommendations.

Two day onsite facilitation by Etienne Wenger and Beverly Trayner (25 - 26 April, 2011)

Possible tools: Wikispaces, Adobe Connect, Skype/phone, and email.