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Where possible, the leadership groups should write up their notes directly on the wiki. The directions below show you how to create a new page and to make it automatically link from this one. Only at the the end of the workshop will we need to look at all the pages that have been created and decide how to organize them.

To create a new page and tag it:
  1. Click "New Page"
  2. Name your page
  3. Write "ps" as the tag



The tag "ps" will ensure that this page will now appear on this page here. At the end of the workshop we can see how best to organize all the working pages that appear in this space.

3 credit course: Facilitating eLearning in a Blended Classroom -Science
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Blended Online Facilitation

Table with Earth Science benchmarks from Iowa Core linked to Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.M

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Lesson 1-5 Weathering