This is the registration information for the eLearning online class.
This class will help you:

  1. become familiar with Moodle
  2. become familiar with the spectrum of blended learning approaches for a face-to-face classroom
  3. become familiar with the eCurriculum course we are using as our springboard to better learning (and as springboard to our community conversations around improvement)

I really hope you will participate as it will help tremendously in your comfort level with Moodle, blended learning and the eCurriculum.
(plus there is a $500 stipend which you will receive on completion of the course)

To Register:
1. To register for this course and paying with a credit card, please go online to
2. On the catalog search page, scroll down to “Or.... Enter an Activity Number” and enter the activity number listed below:

Facilitating eLearning in a Blended Classroom-­-Science
(Inst. Denise Krefting and Rob Kleinow)
Activity # DR322999991101

Facilitating eLearning in a Blended Classroom-­-ELA
(Inst. Heather Feuerhelm and Fran McVeigh)
Activity # DR323299991101

Facilitating eLearning in a Blended Classroom-­-Math
(Inst. Sue Runyon and Mike Bevelacqua)
Activity # DR323399991101

Facilitating eLearning in a Blended Classroom-­-Social Studies
(Inst. Jullie Alfaro)
Activity # DR323699991201