Research Article on Value of Communities of Practice- for Reading and Reflection

Personal Value Narrative (to be used for reflecting on above article)

Collective Value Narrative (to be used to reflect on group work from April workshop)

How to complete the work for credit:
  1. Please read the research article and complete the Personal Value Narrative above (two parts)
  2. Please complete the Collective Value Narrative in response to your contribution to the CoPi workshop and your leadership team
  3. Please post both documents to the Reflections page found in the left navigation bar.

Need help figuring out how to POST your work?
  1. Log in to the Wikispace
  2. Click on the Manage Wiki link in left Navigation bar
  3. Locate and click on Files
  4. In Files, click on the Upload button and find your documents on your computer. It will post your files.
  5. Then you have to go to the Reflections page by clicking on the Reflections link in the left Navigation bar
  6. Make sure you are in EDIT mode, then type your name on the page
  7. Click on the Files button located at top of page in the tool menu bar
  8. Locate your document from the list of documents.
  9. Your documents will then be posted to the Reflections page

Please contact Nancy Movall with questions.