Algebra 1 Working Space

This is a link to a Moodle class on setting up e-Portfolios.

Google site to share lessons, thoughts, and observations about the algebra curriculum:

List of working pages for Algebra

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username: guest2011
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Stakeholders- Developing a Sense of Communities

Members of the Stakeholder's Group
Jed Alexander
Michelle Albert
Sarah Danner
Jenni Thompson
Michelle Hills
Brandi Merrick
Barb Foster
Wayne Gilman
Andy Jacobson
Janean Hauser
Kathy Owens
Resources Mentioned in the Workshop

Animoto video from April 26-27

Student-to-Student Collaboration

Student-to-student [[#|collaboration group]]
John Arp
Mark Drier
Miguel Badillo
Megan Brown


Where possible, the leadership groups should write up their notes directly on the wiki. The [[#|directions]] below show you how to create a new page and to make it automatically link from this one. Only at the the end of the workshop will we need to look at all the pages that have been created and decide how to organize them.

To create a new page and tag it:
  1. Click "New Page"
  2. Name your page
  3. Write "algebra" as the tag



The tag "algebra" will ensure that this page will now appear on this page here. At the end of the workshop we can see how best to organize all the working pages that appear in this space.

What About Inquiry & Problem -based learning: Booth
How do we get this curriculum better? How do we collaborate?. We need to start now in order to be ready for next year.

The hope is that the community will continue to work together all the way through.

Learning goals and objectives that we have. What activities do we have that will support those goals.

5 E’s Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate

Lab before lecture..... get them involved in discovery before we lecture.

Launch , Explore, Summarize.

Have an area for inquiry rich problems and another area for discussion?
Use interactive manipulatives.

Create a blog and a data base?? Something that is easily searched and organized.

Where????? Suggested that we need a collaborative data base.

Identifying learning goals in Algebra I

2 processes that need to happen:
  1. Getting ideas shared and going from ideas in the group
  2. Getting a way to organize - identify learning goals/targets (Iowa Core), objects, reflection
  3. How do we store all of these ideas so it is easily accessible and searchable?

Prezi: What about inquiry & problem-based learning?

By: Patty Lien, Tracy Call, Josh Wilkinson, Jennifer Miller, Tom Laures, Brenda Willis, Mary Hunt, Tresa Zaragoza, Tina Gilpin, Connie Jessen, Gretchen Eastman

Social Reports Notes of Timeline Discussion