About the workshop facilitators

Nancy Movall
Currently the project coordinator for the EdTech ARRA grant focused on online teaching and learning in Iowa, I have been a student and educator in Iowa my entire life. My path included student, art teacher, technology coordinator, adjunct instructor, technology consultant, school improvement consultant, AEA Associate Director, and grant specialist- all exciting opportunities to learn and stretch. I am passionate about teaching and learning to meet the needs of living a quality life in the 21st century and believe we should all be earners, learners and healthy, engaged citizens. I have two sons and love to bike, ski and backpack.
Twitter hashtag for our project: #IACoPi
Bev Trayner
I'm a facilitator, trainer and consultant for people working with social learning systems, including communities of practice and networks. I've been a long-time user and tutor of online tools and technologies and social media still gets me excited. Most of my work is in the non-profit sector - and although new technologies should mean I travel less, I actually end up traveling more and to more distant places. I have five children, if you include three step-kids.
Website: http://bevtrayner.com
Twitter: bevtrayner
Etienne Wenger
I am mostly known for my work on communities of practice and straddle the worlds of theory and practice. I am a social learning theorist giving lectures and working with doctoral students in academic settings. I am also a learning consultant, working with organizations interested in using communities of practice as a way to foster social learning. I often work with Bev. I was born in Switzerland, but now live in California. I have three kids and two step-kids.
Website: http://ewenger.com
Twitter: etiennewenger